The YouTube New Layout has been announced and with it’s fresh new design, it looks pretty awesome but It’s not completely finished yet.  They’re still drip-feeding it out there to get a sense of what people think. This started as a typical  YouTube rumour but now it’s officially been released. It comes with some cool new features and two new colour themes. The Dark Theme is hard to get used to at first but after 24 hours, we’re starting to really love it!

The purpose behind YouTube’s new theme is to give the desktop site a beautiful, simple and consistent look. The light theme has incorporated a lot more white space and they’ve binned that heavy blocky design. As for the main home screen, it’s not until you flip over to the dark theme that you really notice the difference. To turn on the Dark Theme you head over to the menu under your Google Avatar. (Top Right)

The Light Theme

Get to see your favourite creators and artist across a dynamic white space. This gives you a clean and simple feel. The perfect background and design, It’s just like before, but better.

Youtube Light Theme

Enter The Dark Theme

You’ll freak out at first but once you scan through the pages, it will all make sense. The colours are so punchy and everything is a lot more clear. Watching videos in the Dark Theme makes all the difference.

When Google and YouTube build,  they build for the future. They’ve told us that this isn’t just a new layout and design, It’s a whole new framework. This means a faster, more elegant website in general and of course, quicker video speed! For the nerds, my understanding is that Google has built this on Polymer 2.0 which is a “JavaScript library that helps you create custom reusable HTML elements, and use them to build performant, maintainable apps.” This is to help it’s overly quick features. As I said, things are still being developed so be sure to keep an eye out for more of YouTubes new features.

Scroll down to see if you’ve been targeted to preview the new 2017 youtube layout.

YouTube Movies

The YouTube New Layout has made a huge difference to YouTube Movies and it’s looking very sexy. I can’t help but think about how the soon anticipated battle between YouTube and Netflix is going to go down, especially since YouTube have just launched 40 new original shows.

YouTube Movies

Unfortunately, YouTube has limited the number of people that get to see this (for the moment anyway). These people have either got Developer Accounts or Google has randomly selected them amongst many other from different parts of the world. Remember, if you don’t like it, you can simply revert back to the old layout. YouTube are seeking as much feedback as possible so go wild,  you can find this in the new account settings mentioned earlier.