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PPS Building Services Ltd reached out to Divink after the company had decided to go through a rebrand. The name, design, look and feel of their business was about to change and they wanted Divink to take ownership of redesigning a new website and following this theme throughout their social media. We created a striking and contemporary website that really captures the ethos of PPS Building Services and their passion for construction.

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WordPress is the worlds leading platform when it comes to Content Management Systems with over 80 Million users. Not only is the platform user-friendly and agile. It is also highly secure. We’ve spent the last few years perfecting the art of creating and developing websites using this.

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A wireframe is a layout of the web pages which demonstrates what will be going where, like images and the interaction process.

The aim of a wireframe is to provide a visual understanding of the pages early in the project before visual design and content is added.

It is quicker and cheaper to make amendments at this stage due to not needing to re-create complicated elements.

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Your website should reflect everything you want potential customers to know and remember about your business. It’s the perfect time to set the bar high – let your confidence and knowledge drip from their screen. You only have a short window of opportunity (approximately 2.6 seconds!) before they click back and stumble onto your competitor’s website. It’s time to wow them.

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What don't they do?

PPS Building Services are a building maintenance company that undertakes the smallest maintenance work right through to complete refurbishment. They cover everything. The guys at Divink needed to make sure new visitors and potential customers could navigate through the site easily and view all the services PPS offer, as well as viewing multiple past projects.

Thankfully we no longer need to explain how important viewing a website on your mobile device is.

Just like how PPS operate within a new project, their website is also responsive. Adapting to any environment to reach its full potential and audience.



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